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Mini Treasure Hunt Bookshelf: Day 1

Mini Treasure Hunt Bookshelf by Heaven and Earth Designs

Design by Aimee Stewart

325 stitches by 235 stitches on 25 ct Lugana in Ash Rose

Finished design 13″ by 9 3/8″ with 88 colors



I am gridding with Easy-Count Gridline by R&S Designs also previously purchased from 123 Due to 1.) My impatience 2.) My tendency for error and 3.) My ability to overwhelm myself I have just gridded out the first page of the design and haven’t completed it yet. Its a safe starting point and with this gridline I can easily add or remove as I work.

This project is very overwhelming to me. I have attempted to start it a couple of times with no success. Here is hoping this will come along better. I know if I have a few readers checking in and encouraging me I can do this šŸ™‚ I picked this pattern solely for myself. I love reading and most of what I read is fantasy, paranormal or dystopian. This picture called to me immediately.

For anyone who has completed a HAED project, please give me any and all suggestions as to what worked best for you. This is a new experience for me.


I got one square done. Slow and Steady!

Also if anyone can explain why my pictures keep turning that would be great!


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