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TBR Jar : First Pick

I created a TBR jar a few months ago after reading about it somewhere. Sorry, someone, I do not remember who or where I read it!! I have yet to actually use it. I have collected soooo many e-books over the last few years that its a pretty sizable jar. Since I recently finished the e-book I was reading, Anna and the French Kiss, I figure now is a good time to see what happens.

I must also admit that I am an obsessive book collector so I will collect a full series without ever having read a single book. I know I need professional help! Book collector anonymus! So with that it may take a few draws before I get one I can read cause I also will not read a series out of order unless they are a series of stand-alones.

I have found that I am not reading as well on my e-reader as I used to. My e-reader being iBooks on my iPhone so I often get distracted by FB, Instagram, Bloglovin… I am trying to work on this 🙂

First Pick:

My daughter drew for me. First draw landed a winner.




The Phoenix Guards by: Steven Brust

The first book in the Khaavren Romances. Of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Genre and if anything like Steven Brust other books, Adult.

These books are in my list for a few reasons. 1.) My dad loves them! 2.) I have read from his other series, Vlad Taltos. 3.) It is the same world as the other series

My dad began reading the Vlad Taltos series to me when I was younger. As much as I loved the stories, I loved the way my dad read them more. He has a great reading voice and made the stories come to life as I fell asleep to the assassins, dragons and worlds so unlike our own. Reading these books now I hear his voice in my head and it brings back some of my grandest memories.


One thought on “TBR Jar : First Pick

  1. I should probably start a tbr jar too but it’s doubtful I’d use it or if I did I’d probably cheat and keep drawing till I got the book I wanted 🙂 Hope it works better for you.


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