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Movie: Allegiant


So I would first like to mention that I first read the novel the day it came out and did not re-read before going to the theater with my husband. He has not read the book but has been to each of the movies with me. I do not remember alot of details from the books so this will not be a comparison to the book.

I enjoyed the movie! As excited as I was to go see it, it didn’t disappoint. I know there are tons of people out there who are going to be highly critical. I am not those people. I love the books and the movies are just as exciting.

I love seeing Tris and Four together right before my eyes. The story had a nice progression with its points of excitement and some comedy.

My favorite quotes of the night:

“And now it’s raining blood” ~Peter

“Well isn’t this fun!” ~Peter

He is one of my favorite characters, one of those you love to hate! Could they have picked a better actor to play him?!?! Miles Teller is soooo perfect I almost can’t stand it.

So ready for Ascendant (Allegiant Pt. 2) !!!


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