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Believe: Day 2

I was so distracted today! It took me a while before I could just sit down and stitch. The little fairy gave me a bit of trouble. After stitching on her for a bit I found a mistake that couldn’t be left alone. I had to frog both her arms and start again. So not as much progress as I would have liked.


A bit of advice that I have learned. When you first find the issue, set down the whole project and walk away. I set it to the side and left to pick my daughter up from her cousins. When I got back I was less frustrated and found the error more easily. Frogging was a bit tedious as it was 3 colors that had become interwoven and tangled but I managed to salvage most the thread. I then completed the arms and got part of her dress done. I think I will call her Tinkerbell. You know, the little mischevious thing!


Till next time! Happy Stitching.


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