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Cross-Stitch: Dream

This is a project that got put on the wayside recently during a major rearrange of my home. I started working on it again a few days ago but didnt start documenting till tonight. Here’s my starting point this evening:



I completed the stitching in the picture below but the beading still needed to be done: IMG_0248[1]

All done and removed from hoop. Still needs to be ironed. The snowflakes are still hard to see on the white. IMG_0249[1]

I can’t wait to see what this looks like framed. It is one of several that are all similar. I have completed Imagine and have Believe ready to get started on next. I will purchase the rest eventually. I think there are 6 in all. They are so beautiful! However my stitching is not perfect. my count got off at one point, but I left it. I am human and my mistakes are proof that I did this and not a machine 😉


Happy Stitching!


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