About Me

Hello dear Lovelies! Welcome to my home 🙂 Here you will find my ramblings about books, crafts, and life. I hope that you enjoy yourself and find inspiration. I am a married mother of two in my late 20’s. Fortunately I am able to stay home currently and find enjoyment in my many obsessions. I make income on the side watching my many nieces and nephews.

What you will find here


I have always had a book obsession and living in a small town do not often find others who share it. Here I will have reviews, challenges and more! Also I have been working on writing and hope to expand on that and share!


I mostly cross – stitch and the community for this is growing rapidly. I will be sharing current and future projects and many updates. Recently I began dabbling in quilting so I may share things I find or things I do. Other DIY’s will more than likely present themselves in time, I may even have guest stuff from my daughter.


Learning to adult is never easy, we all find what works for us. Here I will share ways I have found to organize, recipes that are tried and true, and other day to day lessons I have developed.


These are sources for anything on my site for you to check into further. This will include blogs, sellers and more.


There is always room for growth and exploration!


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